The original Blue Diamond was an instrumental surf rock cover band that was based in North Delta, British Columbia, Canada, between 1964 and 1972. It consisted of four local Surrey/North Delta musicians, Bud B (lead guitar), Mel P (rhythm guitar), Fred L (bass and keyboards) and John M (drums).

The band played local clubs, legions, parties, school dances, and the Pacific National Exhibition. The high point of the band’s career was a January 4, 1969 appearance on the Club 6 television program with host Bob Aylward on CHEK-TV Victoria.

Shifting musical tastes, a decline in paying gigs, and the demands of work and families lead to the break-up of the band in August 1972.

A chance internet search reunited Mel and Fred in April 2006. Bud had since passed away and John no longer lived in the area. The two remaining Blue Diamond members found that they still shared a love for the music they played in their youth. Their monthly get-togethers progressed from playing their old set list to writing new songs in the original style. Writing led to recording and ultimately to the release of their first commercial album Instwoh-Mentals Volume 1. Forty-five years after their first recording session The Blue Diamond finally had an album!

On the eve of the album release the band discovered that there was a 1960’s Dutch group that had prior claim to the Blue Diamond name. In December 2013, the Canadian band formerly known as the Fabulous Blue Diamonds, changed their name to The Fabulous Blue Wabbits in reference to the place they create their music, Wabbit Wanch Studios.