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Archive for January, 2011


Just silly…that’s all…

What happens when you mix left over 3D glasses from the cinema, a ongoing renovation, a room crowded with gear from the renovation and a guitarist with absolutely a left field sense of humor?

Scary thought…ain’t it…



Mon E Tors…

I had a set of Behringer “Truths” studio monitors (2031A) that I was using. Keyword, “was”.

Last summer, I went out the dinner and didn’t power them down like I normally do, so with no audio running through them, they were just sitting there. Apparently that doesn’t bode well for their life span because one of them decided to make the quick trip to digital heaven…

So there they sat, in a corner, un-used, unloved…I replaced them with something completely different. In the meantime I picked up the replacement parts for the amp board that had fried. And the longer I looked at it, the less I felt like repairing it. I mean, come on, it’s Behringer. Not like it’s state of art or something…

Then my nephew says that he fried his speakers and news ones were too expensive. Since his were passive speakers and mine were now one 1/2 active, the light went on. I picked up a couple of $5 cross overs for the speakers, and preceded to dismantle and make them into passive monitors.

So here’s the box “before”:


So you take off the plastic first and you’re faced with this:


Then it’s time to get the speakers out:


And you end up with a box full of HEAVY padding. A box knife hardly cuts this furry stuff and they glued and staple it in there like it’s never supposed to come out…


I used the existing wiring and screwed the cross over into the back of the cabinet:


Added some terminals on the back for connections (what if you do this because there is a brace back there and it’s a bear to get through):


Just add wire, amp and music and the “Bear Ringers” are making music once again…


Studio Room Completed…

Finally put all the finishing touches on the room. So the rebuild is going along nicely. THe cell curtains were ordered and they should be in Feb 21st. Then it’s time to get them installed. Thus by March 1st, maybe the whole room will be operational. Or not…

Doing reno’s takes a lot longer than I envisioned. What seems like days drags by and little seems to get done. Mainly because there is a whack of little things to do that don’t really show. The devil is in the details as they say.

So we go from this:

To this:




Studio Day 9 & Mixer

We finally completed the room reno today…all the wainscoting is up, the crown molding is up and it’s all filled. All that remains is some touch paint around the room. It seemed like this day was forever in coming…

Have nailer, will travel…


On a different topic, every wonder what the inside of a Soundcraft LX7II looks like? Well since I am also designing a new console desk, and I wanted to build the mixer into the console, I took the ends off mine (for a better fit).

This is it with the ends removed and just sitting on the old console, on the new one, it will be desk level.
LX7 no Ends

But here is what is inside(there’s just a “few” solder connections in there… The really neat part is the boards are linked together so if they want a 16, 24, 32…they just add another board and put in the jumpers. And yes, put the whole thing in a bigger enclosure… I was surprised by the complexity of the circuit boards. An extremely well built design.

LX7 Back Inside

Now if I could only afford a SoundCraft Ghost…hey, a guy can dream can’t he…


Studio Day 8

Day 8? That’s right. I sat on my butt for the entire day 7. You know, on the 7th day, I rested…

Today, however, Carol and I got some more ideas for finishing, and that’s a dangerous omen in itself…but we decided to add some more molding around the window to finish the edges better. And darned if it wasn’t a lot of work and well…it looks way better.


The baseboard isn’t done yet because the frame for the mural isn’t done and the baseboard has to fit around it. The baseboard heater looks ugly but what else do you do with them.

So two more pieces of trim for the mural, some baseboard and then the ceiling crown moulding and it’s done. Course at this point, we’ve turned into a couple of babbling goofs too. At the onset, I thought I was taking the easier way out rather than spend countless hours stripping wall paper and then fixing the wall. I was wrong. The fact remains that this looks far better than just painting the whole wall. It adds some character to the room.

I think we’re going to take another day off and then maybe tackle it on the weekend…


Studio Day 6

I’m seriously thinking of just resting on DAY 7…but since today was day 6, I finished off the doorway and a little more in front of the window…


And of course it turns out that since we made a few design changes along the way, I bought too much chair rail. Can’t take it back since it’s all painted up. Oh well. Better ten feet too much than ten feet too short…


Apparently in this day and age, curtains are somewhat passe. So when the wood side of things is done, I have to go looking for some insulated curtains. Probably end up making my own curtain rod too…


Studio Day 5

Only spent a few hours tonight working on the room but still got a lot of wall done…

And it’s starting to look pretty nice!



Studio Day 4

Picked up all the wood (and as it turns out we still need a few pieces…) for the room refinishing. Even though the windows are square, apparently the framer never used one himself. The window casing is anything but square and the sill overlapped the wall. So a few minutes with a Dremel saw and that was fixed and I framed the windows with moulding. They look much better than before. Now I have something to edge the wainscoting up to.


Carol was pushing to start the wainscoting so…away we went. Brads, a pinner, and no nails glue. We have to get some extension electrical boxes to keep within code (and those little suckers are PRICEY!)…but it’s done right.


The boards are 3/8″ thick but only 5 3/4″ wide. It’s plank style. We put a good cost of paint on them before putting them up so at worst a quick touch up in spots.

Carol brought up the baseboard and chair rail for a mock up so this is what it will look like when it’s done:


Cutting around the electric boxes isn’t a lot of fun but we found an interesting way of doing it that’s not too bad. I still have to notch out the chair rail to fit over the wainscot. Always more work to these things than what you think…


Studio Day 3…Measles…

Drywall filling…mmm… drywall dust…mmm… cough cough…

Got the room prepared for painting today. Filled all the unsightly warts, cracks and bumps that I never even knew were in the walls…. Amazing how those have appeared over the years…


Put on the first coat of paint tonight. Took all of about 40 minutes to paint the room. Probably give it a second coat later on.


Carol and I have discovered that there is no colour that would actually “blend” in with the large mural on the opposite wall, so we are just using a neutral colour and if it doesn’t work, we’ll redo it with something else. Like cardboard…

The bottom part of the wall is going to have wainscoting because anything is easier than trying to peel off twenty yr old wallpaper…. The wainscotting is all painted up and ready to go. We also picked up all the trim (baseboard and chair rail) today from Rona (the no so stellar home reno store) because they’re only about 500 yards from the house…


The most fun part of this project, apart from the fact that the room is finally getting redone after 20 years, is the thinking, planning and trying to vision what all this is going to look like. And in that respect, we’re flying on a wing, prayer and a paint stick…


Studio 2

Okay. Stripping wall paper from the walls that were never painted properly 20 years ago, sux. Really sux. So I’m looking at wainscoting the lower part of the walls to hide the rotten stinking wall paper that’s adhered there…might work…

Current state:


So like the Karate Kid…wallpaper release on, wallpaper not coming off…so cover it…here’s the general idea, unpainted wainscoting. At least it’s not that expensive…



Studio Rebuild…Phase 1

The studio is being redesigned and updated, a new console, the room needs painting and so on. So you have to start by ripping out the old install. And until you start to rip all those wires out of the console and racks you have no idea just how many feet of wire you have in there.

Early in the day it looked like this:


All that’s left after 5 hours of work is this:


Yep. About 20 lbs of wire roughly 6″ deep…

But there’s a lot more stuff to come out of there yet.